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David Bovino — A Pillar of the Aspen Community

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

While you may not want to be in a position where you need legal services, everyone faces hardships and challenges in life. When the time arises to hire an attorney, finding someone you can trust is paramount.

David Bovino, the founding member of Bovino & Associates, PC, is a “leader amongst attorneys,” both nationally and internationally.

Litigation is a challenging area of law; however, Mr. Bavino takes a no-nonsense approach to representing clients who need help with all types of complex litigation issues, with an emphasis on cases involving trust accounting matters, unfair competitive business practices, defamation, unfair competition, breach of fiduciary duties, breach of contract, fraud, and partnership disputes.

It is easy to buy into the “smoke and mirrors” of catching commercials and eye-catching billboards; however, when it comes to a legal matter you are dealing with, what really matters is results, which is something Aspen lawyer David Bovino has in spades.

Successful and Noteworthy Cases

In 2012, lawyer David Bovino took on a case representing Robyn Frankel. This case involved taking on the Palo Alto Medical Foundation of California after Ms. Frankel suffered a paralyzing stroke. The jury found that the invasive tests were unnecessary and that Ms. Frankel was not provided sufficient warnings about the potential outcome they could have. The outcome was a $22 million judgment in favor of Bovino’s client.

While this case made local and national headlines, along with being one of the top 100 verdicts of 2012, it isn’t the only noteworthy success that David Bovino or his law firm has achieved.

Other successes worth mentioning include the following:

  • Tax savings were achieved for a $60 million estate thanks to the careful development and implementation of an estate and tax plan for a client.

  • Provided representation for stockholders in a securities fraud lawsuit regarding the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino sale valued at over $770 million.

  • Provided a solid defense for a woman in a guardian and conservatorship case filed by her child and obtained a settlement agreement on the client’s behalf.

These examples show the diverse abilities of the law firm and how it can help with an array of litigation issues.

Local Legal Services from an Aspen-Based Attorney

Being able to put your trust in an attorney is challenging. However, when you choose a law firm, like Bovino & Associates, PC, you have someone in the same community where you are. This law firm has a vested interest in the clients and legal cases it takes on and the people in the area.

To date, Mr. Bovino has worked with attorneys and legal professionals from multiple firms throughout California and Colorado on various litigation and transactional matters. This firm and attorney take pride in offering personal attention and custom plans that consider all impacts and aspects of a case, including personal, taxation, and financial matters.

What Makes Bovino & Associates PC Unique?

When hiring a lawyer or searching for a law firm, you may mistakenly believe that they are all the same and that hiring one over another won’t make that much of a difference. Not only is this wrong, but it can cost you big when litigating complex cases.

Bovino & Associates, PC offers a creative and aggressive approach to litigation. This law firm is willing to take on tough cases other attorneys may shy away from. The proof is seen thanks to the successful outcomes this law firm has achieved in the past. The attorneys consistently outflank and outthink their opponents and understand what it takes to win.

With extensive trial experience, the courtroom isn’t a scary place -Mr. Bovino thinks of this as a second home and somewhere he truly shines when it comes to fighting for his client’s positions and rights.

The law firm readily represents defendants and plaintiffs in all areas of litigation. The law firm is committed to pursuing innovative and aggressive approaches to its clients’ most challenging legal matters.

What His Clients Say

Hiring the right attorney takes patience. You can’t go with the firm with the best slogan or most convincing marketing plan. You need to look at what true clients have to say.

For example, Mr. Bovino represented Douglass Lodmell on an estate-related issue. Mr. Lodmell said the following about the legal services he received:

“I have worked with David and am delighted with the care and expertise he provides to clients…he will provide you with excellent advice, service, and support.”

According to another client,

“One of the best things I found working with David was his offering me multiple options regarding my estate. He documented these options (probably five) in detail with associated costs. Additionally, he was quick to bring in specialists when required.”

David Bovino has also received a high peer review score from Martindale Hubbell, averaging over four stars for all areas of consideration, including legal knowledge, analytical capabilities, judgment, communication, and legal expertise, with the highest ratings in communication, which is a key element in any legal matter.

Let David Bovino Help with Your Complex Litigation Issue

Dealing with any type of complex litigation issue can cause stress and uncertainty. You need a knowledgeable, resourceful, and experienced attorney to help with your case. Hiring David Bovino from Bovino & Associates, PC, is highly recommended to help you achieve the most desirable outcome to your situation.

Providing an array of legal services, including litigation representation for matters related to real estate, corporate law, estate and probate, and family law, means you have a versatile attorney who can take on any issue you face.

Regardless of whether the other party in your situation is a family member or a multi-million dollar corporation, you can count on Mr. Bovino to provide you with the aggressive legal services you need and deserve.

With proven results and a commitment to helping clients, Bovino & Associates, PC, is a smart choice for handling your legal matters.

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